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The Photo Club Hong Kong

A broad network of Hong Kong based photographers at your fingertips

Get expert photographers and amazing photos, starting from just HKD1,600. 預約攝影師只需要HKD1,600起。

With only one-minute booking, have a photographer contact you in at least five minutes. 一分鐘預約,最快五分鐘攝影師與你聯絡。

Break free from face-to-face hardsells! Disclosed quote with three packages to freely choose from, where you can also purchase extra photos anytime. 我們收費清晰,有三個packages任你選擇,隨時可以加購相片,擺脫面對面hard sell的難受!

Our photographers are exceptional partners that we have known and collaborated for many years. 所有攝影師都是我們認識多年合作開的優秀伙伴。

Want a booking by today? We can definitely make it happen. Hire a photographer just 2 hours before your event. 想即日預約?沒問題,我們接受拍攝前兩小時預約!

No more months of excruciating waiting! We deliver top quality photos in just 3 days after your session. 無需苦等數月!最遲3天就可以取回你的照片。

Notify us at least two days in advance for a free reschedule. 只需要拍攝前兩天通知我們,即可免費改期

Photography for Every Milestone

Get inspired to create your own beautiful moments!

How it works 如何預約



Very easy to use. Photographer was excellent too. Very impressed with how easy it was to click a few buttons and have a photographer arrive the venue a few days later. Very impressed. Highly recommend and would use again in the future. Also very happy with the rates.

Joey Chan

Fantastic Photographer. We used HKPC for my son's birthday party and the photos caught the essence of the evening extremely well. I would 100% use these services again. More to the point the professionalism across the event and punctuality was fantastic. If you have a big event I would highly recommend.

Alex Lee

Customer service was excellent - assigned me a photographer and make sure I would be happy. Photographer was right on time to our agreed location. I would like to hire another HKPC photographer this year to take a picture of my family.

Michelle Wong